Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zalazane's Fall and Operation: Gnomeregan

Have any of my followers finished Zalazane's Fall and/or Operation: Gnomeregan? I finished both the day they came out (Sep 8, 2010) but I have to say that Gnomer was my favorite. Thermaplug made me laugh during the quest... C: Though I'm going to miss the Gnomeregan instance when Cataclysm launches in the coming months. Maybe there will be a Culling of Time for it? Haha! No.
The only thing the horde will be losing, though, is a quest line. Not that much of a loss :D

Both Gnomer and Zalazane were fun! If you haven't done either, you should get to it. It's an easy Feat of Strength and exciting as well. The reward isn't much, just a cloak showing you've finished your faction's respective questline, and an item that will morph you into (Alliance) a Gnomeregan scuba... guy... or (Horde) a Darkspear Troll Warrior.

Have fun in the WoW Universe!

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  1. I added u bro. we are all busy.

    add me back, i read everyday

  2. Neat, I played Vanilla and quit a long time ago, makes me sad to know they're removing gnomer.

    Either way, nice post. Be careful asking for clicks though, it goes against google's TOS.

    Just a heads up.

    But I'll be following you ;).